Article Site Membership Changes Are Now Live


A little while ago we notified you that we were going to change the way handles your membership of the site. These are now complete, and have now been made available.

The Members' Area has changed!

We have switched all site registration systems over to the one used by our forum. This means that anyone who is a forum member automatically gains access to our Members' Area. However, if you had only registered for our Members' Area before the changeover, you will need to create a new member account.

How will this affect me?

1/ I only have a Forum account:
You don't need to do anything. Your forum account is still valid and now give you loads of extra content to use.

2/ I only have a Members' Area account:
You will have to create a new forum account to continue using our members' area.

3/ I have both a Forum account and a Members' Area account:
Now that we have made the change, your Member's area account is no longer active. You now need to log in using your existing Forum username and password.

If you have any comments about the new members' area, or want help with your member account, please contact us.

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why don't i have enough right to see the reply?

Could you please tell me which area of the site are you talking about? Thanks. :-)

thanks for the notification!

First, I would like to thank a lot to you.
I am a student in Cambodia, adn I am studying English subject at university.I hope that I will know and understand more about English language when I become a member of this wensite, and I hope that you will help me about my studying with the English subject.If I write something not polite please do not feel angry on me sir because my English is poor right now.
Thanks and good bye.

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