Article Phrasal Verbs - Update


We've just released an update to the Phrasal Verbs reference area, and added the ability to conduct searches.

Now You Can Search our Phrasal Verbs

Our new search tool lists each of the entries which contain your search, and gives you information about where it was found.

For example, try a search for the word "LOOK" and you will see all the phrasal verbs that start with the word look. Searching for the word "WITH" shows you all phrasal verbs where with occurs as a preposition or particle.

If you have any suggestions for phrasal verbs that are not listed here, you can submit them to us using our online form.

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I'm very lucky to know about this subject. It's very helpful to advanced foreign students.
I don't feel satisfied if I can't have a book carefully dealing with Phrasal Verbs.

Have a nice day,

Chuan Ly

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