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As part of our on-going efforts to improve the information and resources provided at, we've just completed a major update to the Irregular Verb List in our reference area.

As with other areas of the site, we provide a public version of the section and an extended members' area section.

Public Reference Area

The public version irregular verbs reference of our provides access to a fully conjugated list of over 200 of the most common verbs. Each verb has a dedicated page which displays additional information and notes about the verb if appropriate, including a sub-list of other verbs that follow the same pattern.

Members' Area Additions

The members' area version provides a range of extended facilities, including access to our complete list of all English irregular verbs, and the ability to sort the list by each of the tenses.

We are looking forward to extending the functionality of the members' area version even more in the near future, so keep an eye on the site diary for more news.

Enjoy! ;-)

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Respected Sir,
I am extremely thankful for your devoted efforts to make Englih language so easy to comprehend.
May God-Almighty bless you. As I belong to a very poor family, I regret for not donating any thing to furtherance your noble cause. Thanks.

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