Article Phrasal Verbs - Usability Update


We have changed the presentation in Phrasal Verbs in order to handle the large number of verbs now displayed.

The lists are now broken up into the different verbs so that you can clearly see how many verbs there are and how many phrasal verbs are formed from each individual verb.

We have also changed the display when you click on a verb for further information and examples, so that you can see the meaning and usage for each phrasal verb more clearly.


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Here is a phrasal verb that I did not
see in the list - "run out"

Example sentence:
You will be stranded in the desert if
you run out of gas.

Incidentally, using the link provided at
the bottom of the "Phrasal Verbs" section
to send this suggestion resulted in an
error. The link was
and it resulted in:

"404 Error - Page Not Found

We're sorry but the page you have requested could not be found on our server."

Thank you.

Many thanks for your suggestion - I'll forward it to the Site Editor (Tdol). I had a look for the broken link you mentioned and have now fixed it. I hope that helps. ;-)

We have given the verb as 'run out of', but it is there.

Many thanks

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The email you have given doesn't work. You have to give a working email address and then confirm registration from there.

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