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We have just completed another major overhaul, this time to the public English Idioms area. Presentation and navigation have been improved, and extra functionality added.

Our English Idioms area now lets you view the list in two different ways:

A-Z List - This is the default mode, and shows you the list of idioms by letter.

Idiom Categories - This mode displays categories and allows you to browse our idioms by topic.

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Dear sir,
pls i need comprehensive idiom and there meanings.

Dear Sirs,
It is fantastic to learn english idioms, could you add more stories which contain idioms and phrases... also I want to know the difference between idioms and phraises.... thaks a lot

English is the place that I am going to .

Hallo everyone!
I need a list of English idioms with music terms!
Thank you!

Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga

I think that the page is good, very good and be happy, and take it easy, the life is short. Thank you and I want to sleep.

hello everybody:

i need a list of english idioms with english meaning and description


I need some useful idioms with their meanings and stories.
thank you.


please tell me "how to teach idioms?" and "how to test idioms?"

Thank you.

Dear Sir/Mme,
Kindly, I would like to request you to send to my email address some english idioms about Travel,Transport, Education, Technology, Brain drain, and internet.
Thank you in advance.
Mido, english teacher from Tunisia.

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