Article Server Upgrade, Downtime Predicted


If all goes to plan, we will be upgrading our server to a new and more powerful machine this evening. Our hosts have agreed to perform the upgrade and 03:00 tonight (I'm guessing that is GMT). We do not expect the site to go offline for very long, however we wanted to warn you in case you find that is unavailable. If you do find that the site is unavailable at times tonight, please bear with us.

After the upgrade our server will be twice as powerful as our current system and will be much more suited to the levels of traffic that we now receive. For those of you who want a little more technical detail, we are currently running on a Single Core Xeon server (1 processor) and we're upgrading to a Dual Core Xeon 5110 server (2 processors) with 2GB of ram.

Your patience is appreciated.

Red. :-)

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do you guys have a free translator and a free pronunciation software?

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