Article Advanced Text Analyser - New and Improved!


We have been hard at work making improvements to the Advanced Text Analyser we have here at UE. The new version of the advanced analyser is finally here!

The main changes we have implemented so far are listed below, and we plan on adding even more functionality in the near future. New features include:

* Tabbed Interface - Making it simpler to understand and easier to navigate
* Analysis History - Save your analysis results to your personal history
* Phrase Analyser - Examine phrases found in a text
* Online Help - Definitions and descriptions to help you understand the results

If you need more help with anything to do with using this text analyser, or about analysing texts in general, you can use our Text Analysis and Statistics Forum where our staff and members will be happy to help.

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Madam, Sir
I am a citizen of Haiti, I would like to receive lesson to prepare a TOEFL test. I would be very happy to hear from you soon.
very truly yours

it is good

Iam student at damas translation
iam in 2nd year
Iwould like to riceve english lessons and wayes of translation to improve my language and translation skills
I like to speak english well
I would very happy to hear very from you soon
your best,

please ma i would like you teach ME ON English language

I tried the advanced text analyser today. It is very interesting to see our proficiency in English writing.
The one thing I would like to is to correct my mistake or any suggestions on usage of certain words or sentences. If there is, the text will become better and do more good in improving one user in their writing.
Anyway it is really good to have this analyser.

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