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hello how are you? I want to learn more english please help me in this page. thank you.

shop until you drop

In the first section (A) of your "English Idiom" page, a brief skim produced two idioms you explain with other idioms!

Explaining "a rolling stone" as a "go-getter type person" seems hardly helpful.

Likewise, using the idiom "too little, too late" to explain "a day late and a dollar short" clarifies little.

You have lot of good material on your site, but this section, at least, seems to need some work....

1) Aid and abet
2)in Aid
3)walk on air
4)set the world on fire
5)First come, first served
6)First things first
7)Make a day of it
8)Make likt
9)play kissy face
10) Know what's what

mistake in idiom number 8) make a likt = make like


Many of those are already in the list, try using search ( ) to see if it's there. It's best if you use just keywords rather than the entire idiom. Then if it's not there, add it here:


Thanks for your suggestions; I will add them as soon as I can. The site is a work in progress and always in need of improvement.

Idiom- Oh Snap!

Means you have been "dissed"

I love english so much. Everytime I read some difficult and unexplain idioms. I was challenged to explain and assist it..

i just want also to learn more about n english,
i hop you can help me now/

please send me an idiom daily.

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