Article Update to Idioms Area


We've just launched an upgrade to the idioms section of that makes it much simpler and easier to use.

The idioms area has had a bit of a facelift:

  • Access the most recently added idioms right from the main idioms homepage, instead of making you click to another page.
  • Pagination has been added to the A-Z, allowing you to navigate shorter lists of idioms rather than the entire list for each letter (which often stretched into the hundreds).
  • Additional changes to the A-Z make the title of each idiom stand out more, making the lists much easier to read.
  • You can now show or hide the definitions of each idiom shown on the A-Z pages individually, or you can show/hide all definitions at once.
It is our hope that these changes will make the section even more useful and allow you to find the help you are looking for quicker and easier than before.

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