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    He studied painting from 1990.

    It is not essential to use to with a later year.
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    He studied painting from 1990.

    Both tell us that he started his studying in 1990. The first does not tell us when he finished. The second suggests he is still studying,
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    He studied painting from 1990.

    I assume you mean that you wrote them. Am I right?
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    the potential is there for him to become the steal of the upcoming draft.

    It's OK. I think the original is better.
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    washing car windows at stoplights in this city

    That's what I would have said, but some dictionary compilers think differently: Definitions of stoplight noun a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections synonyms:traffic light, traffic signal see more noun a red light on the rear of a motor vehicle that signals when the...
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    I'll carry it for you/I'm going to carry it for you

    Think of them as general guidelines as to how these forms are often used. They are not fixed rules.
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    Some of the films I’ve seen recently <have been> <are> very violent.

    Where? We shouldn't still have to be asking for the source of things you quote.
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    You can go either <way> <of these ways>.

    I I saw that you had highlighted the final -s of restaurants, and thought you were referring to that when you wrote 'That's odd'. I responded 'No', meaning that it is not odd. I was mistaken.
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    To work

    What is the source of this question, Aksinia? None of the three options works for. I'd use 'on'.
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    You can go either <way> <of these ways>.

    No. Neither (one) restaurant (nor the other). Neither (one) of the (two) restaurants.
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    I know who painted all (of) these. / I have all (of) ours right here.

    Are these two both OK and do they mean the same thing? We don't use fine in this sense in negative or interrogative sentences.
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    ... after avoiding a duck seven consecutive times/seven times in a row

    All are OK, though I'd say joyfully rather than in joy..
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    Alison had inherited the semi-detached property from her parents

    Alison lived with her wife in one, and her cousin, who paid $500 rent, lived in the other. I take it that Alison and her wife both identify as women.
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    absent from work vs. absent from some meetings

    It would be helpful to give the English for titles in other languages - TOEIC Short-term Strategies. Is YBM the author or the publisher?
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    absent from work vs. absent from some meetings

    I think it's a poor question. I think she would require permission to be absent on all four days.