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    There’s a lot of sun today.

    I don't find it natural.
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    flick me a message

    Where did you see/hear it?
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    Wall Panelling

    That was when they joined the forum. They submitted the post yesterday.
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    snicket (alley) (BrE)

    I can't remember if we had a special term in Hampshire, southern England, when I grew up there in the late 1940s/early 1950s. I can recall only 'alley(way'). There were 'vennels' in Durham, norht-east England when i was a student there in the mid 1960s
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    Meaning of "what might be tide"

    If it was 'be tide' in the copy you saw, it was a mistake. Only the single word betide makes sense.
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    snicket (alley) (BrE)

    My wife, from Stoke, central England, uses 'snick'.
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    Wall Panelling
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    Meaning of "what might be tide"

    The last word of the third line is betide, one word.
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    If it is something that I am interested in

    I'd go for I forget names and things easily but, if it is something that I am interested in, I remember it.
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    I can’t make it at 8

    There is at least one ageing Brit who does.
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    Eat Meal instead of have lunch

    No. It works if you omit 'lunch'.
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    Assess my essay (recent news story)

    Whether you were joking or not, please don't do it again.
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    went off in faint

    The most natural thing to say is simply 'fainted'.
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    To improve the environment means improving/to improve our life.

    We have already told you that mean in the first sentence can mean leads to.