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    The Total number of ... is are

    Which auxiliary verb should be used in the following situation, is or are? The total number of students is 24 in the tenth grade. The total number of students are 24 in the tenth grade.
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    Under, in, on lock down/lockdown/lock-down

    First how should the word "lock down" be written or typed? Should it be used as one word "lockdown", or should be separated by space "lock down", or should be hyphenated "lock-down"? When your government has announced a lock down and advised people to stay home. Or may be your are under a...
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    Does "to get the door" mean "to open the door". Is the definition new?

    Does "to get the door" mean "to open the door". Is the definition new? Hi everyone. I asked the same question on this forum around six months ago. First I would like you to have a look at one of my old threads that I posted last year in September...
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    Gig, do some Americans pronounce it "jig"?

    I have heard people pronouncing the word gig as it is gig both in the USA and the Great Britain. But in one of the America's most famous comedies "Friends" I heard one of the characters pronouncing it like "Jig". Is it also pronounced "jig" by some Americans? See the clip below...
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    The phrase "catch flak"

    Is the phrase "catch flak from" only commonly used by Americans or is it also used in the UK? It is like when you are harshly criticized by someone you catch the flak.
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    embarrassedly and embarrasingly

    Are embarrassedly and embarrassingly interchangeable? Embarrassedly sounds unnatural to me but it is here in this dictionary if you want to have a look.
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    Work up an appetite

    Work up an appetite According to a dictionary, It means "gradually become hungry, develop an appetite. I've heard this expression a lot in some of the most popular American dramas like "Friends", "The big bang theory". Now work up alone as a verb phrase means Work up (phrasal verb) 1. to...
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    Get the door and open the door, get the door open

    I have heard many Americans saying "Get the door" after the doorbell rings or somebody knocks on the door. Does "get the door" means to open the door? If it does, how about "get the door open?" Does it mean you get someone else to open the door for you? Do "get the door" is common among...
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    Difference between, food, meal and dish.

    Meal is something that could either be breakfast, lunch or dinner. When we cook we normally use "food", like "we are cooking food". Can we say 1, "We are cooking meal", 2. (a) "We are cooking lunch, or (b) we are cooking for lunch", 3. (a) "We are cooking dinner, or (b) we are cooking for...
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    The expression "Forage for food".

    Does the expression forage for food means 1. To hunt or search for food, like when you are stranded at a place where nobody lives nearby and there are no markets to shop, like at a far flung area. There was a reality series named "Man, Woman, Wild" on the Discovery Channel in which an...
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    Looking for the most suitable prepsotion in this case.

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for the best preposition in the following case. Let's suppose if you shoot a video with the help of your cell phone camera and then upload it somewhere. In the description you write. The quality of this video is not good enough since the video was shot with a cell...
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    towards/by the end of this week.

    If somebody says. "I am busy, I'll reply to your email towards the end of this week." Does he mean to say that he will reply to my email by the end of this week, or does it mean that he will reply to my email whenever it is convenient for him during the course of the week week but it is certain...
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    Over/During the next few days/weekend

    Do we mean "during" when we say "over" like "I'll be busy over the weekend end". Does it mean I'll be busy during the weekend? Similarly, if somebody says, "It is more likely to rain over the next few days." Does it mean It is more likely to rain during the next few days? Regards, Aamir...
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    on/over the phone

    Which preposition should be used while talking about a telephonic conversation with someone. "Hi John, We spoke last week on/over the phone." "If you remember, we had a little discussion about our products on/over the phone." Regards, Aamir the Global Citizen.
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    What does it mean to say "buzz attraction"?

    If someone is buzzing attraction, does it mean that he or she is drawing attention to him or herself? Regards, Aamir the Global Citizen