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    please point out my mistakes

    It is an obvious fact,that all modern descoveries in the field of technology are playing a vital role in this modern er,. for instance computer, laptop,simulator, i pad, mp3, and advance mobile phones. Above all are making our life easier in order to achieve our goals and objectives. As a...
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    can anyone point out mistakes

    In the history of great nations, few days are really significant. Similarly the day of 23rd march has great importance for every human being of sub-continent ASIA. On this specific day not only the resolution of sub-continent was presented but it was also the first step towards the foundation of...
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    plz point out my mistakes thanks

    On the second day of first test match between Pakistan and England, both teams faced ups and downs. England lost his last 6 wickets on just 23 runs and they were succeeded to make a good total of 354 on bouncy and dry pitch. Pakistan started his game by loosing 6 wickets on just 47 runs. NO one...
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    plz point out my mistakes thanks

    it was very awful when i heared about the airblue crash in islamabad hills because of bad weather and heavy clouds. the experts reported that it was all because of low visibility in that morning. no body could survive in this accident. it is the great tragedy after 2005 earthquake in northern...
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    plz notify mistakes for me thanks

    when i was 18 years old, then i came up as a dulll student in my class especially in english. i was used to disappear from my english class. one day i came by my best friend home, he told me about this website.
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    looking for suggestions

    hello how can i make my english better .....