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    Non-conclusive verbs

    Hi all, I just have a quick question - are "non-conclusion verbs" the same as "stative verbs"? I found an article on the internet that says that "non-conclusion verbs" are those ones denoting physical and mental states, activities and perceptions for which no finality is contemplated or...
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    than/ than from

    I'd like to know which sentence is correct: - NY City is farther from LA than from Boston. - NY City is farther from LA than Boston. Do they have the same meaning? :)
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    Subject questions

    Hi guys! I'm new here on usingenglish. I'd really like to know the grammatical reason why when you ask for the subject of a question (subject questions) as in "who loves Peter?" or "what happened here?", you have to use the verb in 3rd person singular. Thanks so much! Looking forward...
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    My English speaking

    Hi all! I've recorded myself reading a piece of a text called "Symplify your life", which you can read below. It would be very grateful, if you, native english speakers, could just have a look at it, and tell me how I sound speaking in English. Thanks so much. Here's the link...
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    AmE t (__nt)

    Hi everyone! I've noticed that those words which contain "nt" as in twenty, the t sound is silent in AmE. Eg: twenty, counter, internet, winter, plenty... Does it occur with all words with nt as in center or sentence? Thanks