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  • Happy New Year to you , too...Wishing to you to be more Happy days this year !!!
    Wait for me ...I`ll be back after few weeks , dear...
    It`s very nice to hear you again , Amina ! And I`m not blaming you - that you can`t visit so much_I`m understanding you so well....Because my lessons are too much , too.
    Anyway , thanks for everything and Good-days to you!!!#
    HI , dear , how are doing ? How is going your works ?It was long I`ve got any messages from you.Maybe I`m not visiting forum so much >..
    Anyway Good Luck and Happy Eid to you !!!
    LOL raby yahfthik ya wardt aljazer.:)
    No sis I'm living in Australia,yalla ya bint shoo lesh ma 3am tejy 3la e-dz rana taw7shnaki ya tofla ;)
    ahhh its killing me i sleeeep to much i run out of energy i walk like a drunk
    jo3it w 3tshit.haha..i should be ok inshallah.
    hi hun wallahi I've busy with the husband and kids hahah...joking sis,I've being with my house decoration and lafamy.

    keep in touch.
    oh really cool inshallah i'll be taking photos i might post them on e-dz and u can see them too take photos hun.see u.
    alhumdlilah i am good thank you,are you ready for Ramadan sis its very soon I've decorated my house. what about you??
    look hun if i am forcing you to sign up dont do it ok hun, now tell me you are Algerian right, if so thets why I wanted to be be part of the comuunty.
    and come here why did you say that you here because of hun and i am plz to see u there.
    Oooh , I just mean to say that if we are friends we can know each other as well . Also you`re from Algeria and I don`t know much about this country , though I`m interested in geography .
    I`m excited to know you`re student , too - because I `m too. I`m second-year student of Medical University ! Which university are you studing ?
    Hi again - it`s me ASLI ! I`ve received your message and very glad about this !!! Though you`re right__my surname is a bit strange(my first name is Asli) but I`m from Azerbaijan .And I want to know about you much than that ! Write soon ..........
    heya dont forget to add me as a friend its roukaya ok mouh, see you there.and plz interduce ur self ok hun.see ya
    well Amina I am from boss3ada and you?, now tell me honey did you sign for thAt site E-dz I really want you to be prat of our community since you are Algerian.luv u
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