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    [Grammar] Which noun is complemented by phrase 'behind the fruit display"

    The whole sentence is "The customer is waiting for the clerks behind the fruit display". I would like to know which situation this sentence is describing in grammar. 1. The customer is behind the fruit display. 2. The clerks are behind the fruit display.
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    [Grammar] What does "be it" mean in this context?

    Source: Object-Oriented Software Construction_v2 by Bertrand Meyer Context: whenever it introduces some new O-O mechanism, be it garbage collection (and other approaches to memory management for object-oriented computation), dynamic binding, genericity or repeated inheritance, it will do so...
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    [Grammar] What is this "of" for?

    Source: Computer Networks 5ed Context: As we noted above, a student of networks can take several perspectives. When we wrote the first edition of this book, the majority of the population had no Internet access at all, and those who did obtained it while at work, at a university, or by a...
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    [Grammar] How to know something after em dash is for what

    Source: Clean Architecture authored by Robert C. Martin Context: "As with any metaphor, describing software through the lens of architecture can hide as much as it can reveal. It can both promise more than it can deliver and deliver more than it promises. The obvious appeal of architecture is...
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    [General] What does "as with" mean in this sentence

    Source: Clean Architecture authored by Robert C. Martin Context: "What do we talk about when we talk about architecture? As with any metaphor, describing software through the lens of architecture can hide as much as it can reveal. It can both promise more than it can deliver and deliver more...
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    [Idiom] as easy as one might like?

    Source: Object-oriented design patterns in the kernel, part 1 Context: 「Interpreting established practice is not always as easy as one might like and the effort, once made, is worth preserving」 What does it mean by "as easy as one might like"?
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    Is "that of" in this sentence redundant?

    Source: Linux kernel design patterns - part 1 Context: 「One of the topics of ongoing interest in the kernel community is that of maintaining quality」 Is that of in this sentence redundant? What the difference between this sentence with that of and sentence without that of?
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    Is last sentence an object complement for avenue?

    This context is from the book "Object-Oriented Software Construction" authored by Bertrand Meyer. Context: it could serve as the starting point for a formal specification language, but we shall not pursue this avenue here, being content enough to use self-explanatory conventions for the...
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    [Grammar] One sentence has two clause but no any conjunction.

    Context: In many organizations, this abundance of modules, not matched by abundance of available functionality (many of the apparent variants being in fact quasi-clones), creates a huge configuration management problem, which people attempt to address through the use of complex tools. Useful as...
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    How to break down this sentence from the perspective of grammar

    Context: From the goals of extendibility and reusability, two of the principal quality factors introduced in chapter 1, follows the need for flexible system architectures, made of autonomous software components. Image: I knew this sentence "two of the principal...
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    What "is accounted for" mean in this context?

    Pdf file link: Image: context: However, measurement overhead is accounted for and measured value represents the actual scheduler lock time as if the measurement was not present. Thank you.
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    Is it a typo?

    Context: This parameter is used to indicate when any of the following parameters are being updated, and when the updates are completed. The bit is primarily provided to alert software than some other software or utility is in the process of making changes to the data image...
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    [General] What is this "for" meaning?

    content: One possible solution is to use an LRU algorithm that drops the Session ID "for" the oldest Session ID that has a pending 'Activate Session'. That way, the only way to........ I really don't know what this "for" meaning. I tried to take a look this page...
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    [General] if not off waiting for

    image: Is the "off" necessary in this sentence? What if I omit it? Will the meaning changed? I really can't get it that how off modify this sentence. Off means "from a place or position" to me. Can anyone refer me to the dictionary of this off meaning? Thanks.
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    [Grammar] Having established....

    image: This is the first time I see that "ving + ved" form. Is this rule held in English grammar? Or what keyword I can put for googling it? Thanks.