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  • Anglika, you are still in my heart even if I will never have the opportunity to ask for your advice. You have been so good with me that, now, I ask the Angels in Heaven to take you under their soft wings. Rest in peace, dear friend!
    To Anglika's Family:
    I just wanted you know that you have my deepest sympathy and condolence.
    Good evening, Anglika! I posted a thread "Who is Alfie Kohn?", but I still can't see it. How long did it take to examine my thread?
    how are you ?
    we will be pleased if you join us on:
    Saida English Learners and Teachers Forum :: Welcome to the English Forum
    just we need new topix in our forum so please join us
    i am waiting for you
    dear anglika, i'm an english teacher. please tell me how i can establish a close relationship with my students.
    many thanks.
    dear mam, i am new in to this....pls let me knw more abt how to make useful this site to become a master in english..really i am looking forward to get more help from u....its really my privillage to be a student of youres
    hi mam.......i wanna be fluent in dis language but how i start????
    Hello, I would like to get help with some transformations, please.
    1. He can hardly sleep.
    Key word VIRTUALLY
    2. He is certainly not rich.
    Key word MEANS
    3. I wonder if you could possibly carry this case for me?
    Key word MIND
    4. The house was so run down that nobody would buy it.
    They had such...............
    hi,hows going ANGLIKA,I KNOW IT SOUNDS MIRECAL BUT COULD YOU POSSIBLY TELL ME ALL OF The idiom,slang ,or vocabroly at least common of them 4 go out,date,marrieage,talk afriend
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