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    Hy Anglika, my name is Jacques.I´m new here so I don´t know how everything works yet.So If I have any doubts I can ask one of you guys?
    hi anglika, how are you?? can you help me?
    Hi Anglika , how r u ? i was wondering u were answering almost everyone's questions but not mine??? could u help me by clarifying what i want to know .
    I do not know how to see your answer
    Dear Ms Anglika
    I'm sorry to impose on you, but could you please help me with my question which I posted on April 16 (but have not received any replies) regarding the difference between suggest, recommend and advise.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Madam, can you explain me the usage of "to" clearly. It's (to) very confusing sometimes with : for, through, with et al. For e.g., I'll take you through the reasons for disliking atheism or I'll take you to the reasons for disliking atheism. Another example is : She is married to John or She had married with John etc . Can you tell me which one is correct ?

    These r just few examples, I can cite myriad.. we were told that "to" is used for subject related with/to direction. For e.g., he's going to school etc. But this "to" seems to be more powerful than that many at time I see it's used in place of "for" also. My question is why such discrepancies? Can u pls tell me the usage of "To" lucidly.
    can you help me to prepare buiness letter
    Hi Ma'am,

    Hi Anglika, As advised, i already posted answers for each company statements. pls help me edit it to becomemore understandable..(pls. see the forums) .thanks so much
    I recently put together this program for translating english text into FUNetik form that is easier to pronounce.
    It may be a bit odd at first, but it ought to make learning ESL easier.
    What do you think?
    U * B * 1 * 2 :: U Can U Know

    I'd be very interested in your feedback.
    Hello Anglika :)
    I'm the newbe on this web page and I really enjoy reading and learning from you. I'm interested in formal and informal letter writing.Is it possible to send you directly my questions about it??
    Thanks :)
    Hi Anglika,

    Thank you for the quick response for breakdown or downturn. I would have used both, but there might be a slight style difference between them. Do you know the answer? Thanky
    hello Anglika,
    nice to have an apportunity to register in a page like this and know people of ur type. but the trouble with me is that though I am a teacher of english i don't fancy the academic stuff and i'd rather handle something loose that has no connection to the shoulds and shouls-nots of the classroom situation.
    what do u think?
    many thanx
    Hi Anglika,
    is there any chat room in this site? I am an English teacher but my skills is not good what shoud i do? thanks for your answers in advance.
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