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    avoid dust getting into your eyes

    This street is very dusty, you need to close your eyes to avoid dust getting into your eyes. What's the grammatical function of getting into your eyes in the sentence above? Is there a grammatical term for it? I'd like to know why I have to use 'getting' not other forms there.
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    but rather in defiance of it

    I asked the question below in a forum but I haven't recieved the answer yet. So I would like to ask it again here. I am reading the article "Complicated simplicity" from the wordpress post. Could anyone explain the meaning of the bold phrase and the next sentence in the excerpt below. "We...
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    I am rejecting that because we can't *** that to decrease ID.

    Could anyone help me to fill the word missing in *** that the professor said in the video below (starting at 7:08). First one is that we can decrease ID that is primarily I am rejecting that because we can't *** that to decrease ID.
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    [General] pronunciation of partial derivative symbol

    I am wondering how the professor pronounced the partial derivative symbol ∂ in the video (at 36:37). Is it doh, del or der?
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    It is sitting on my grass

    I am listening to an online lecture here. Could anyone explain the meaning of the bold sentence? Does it mean that he threw it on the grass? How many of you have a windows mobile phone? Is that a windows phone 7 or a windows mobile? Really running a windows mobile 6? Wow, I have one of those...
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    talk him back vs take him back

    A person’s modus operandi is the specific thing he does when a period of craziness kicks in. The person might scream, launch into a personal attack or start ignoring you completely. Look for patterns in the person’s crazy behavior, and try to uncover the exact trigger. Once you’ve identified the...
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    This is adaptation at play

    As one famous study on lottery winners showed: winners reported that, after their initial euphoria, their happiness levels eventually evened out to their pre-jackpot days. This is adaptation at play. Source: Book Summary: The Upside of Irrationality by Dan Ariely. What is the meaning of "at...
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    to collect miles

    For instance, United Airlines discovered a remarkable phishing concept: boarding class. On large planes, the order in which passengers board depends on a status designated by the airline (such as Premier Platinum, Gold or Silver). People are easily attracted to these kinds of superficial...
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    You're best bet or your best bet

    So, get to work scavenging as much food as you can. In the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe, you’re best bet would be to hit the supermarkets. But the real question is, how long before the food goes bad? Source: Book Summary - The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Civilization in the Aftermath of...
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    burst into tears

    Today, I received an answer to a confusing problem from a professor. I was very happy and almost cried while reading it. Is there a way to express this feeling? I was very happy and ... while reading your answer. I thought about "burst into tears" but not sure if it sounds OK. Thank you.
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    Right now I am breathing

    I can only do one thing at a time. Right now I am breathing. I've just come across the quote and it made me wonder about the implication here. What is meant to say by the second sentence? "Breathing" is an indispensable thing so we can't do anything else. Thanks.
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    transforms lhs to rhs

    lhs -> rhs represents a rule that transforms lhs to rhs. lhs: left hand side rhs: right hand side Source: Mathematica Online Tutorial I understand what is meant here. rhs expression will be assigned to lhs. For example, with the rule x->2 the value 2 will be assigned to variable x. However...
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    animals still peck each other raw

    The birds go mad from the conditions they’re forced to live in. They try to peck each other to death, so many farmers cut their highly sensitive beaks off with hot knives. But the animals still peck each other raw even after their beaks are mutilated. They sometimes even start eating each other...
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    In an age where likes are currency

    We live in a strange world. In an age where likes are currency, connecting with others and sharing our lives seems to be our number one priority. Yet we’re more distrustful than ever. Source: The Business Romantic What is the meaning of "likes" here? Thanks.
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    leaves very little room for us to just be

    Mindfulness is about overriding our automatic approach to life. From a Buddhist perspective, our ordinary state of consciousness is quite limited: we often do things unconsciously, without being fully present in the moment. The simple fact that we’re always doing something, while thoughts race...