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  • We say that some do. A Western (cowboy) accent is said to have a twang. There is something in a New England accent (especially from down Maine) that makes people say it has a twang, but this is not typical.

    But a cowboy accent is characterized by a twang.

    I dk if the English think ALL Americans have a twang. We don't think so.
    I got this from your last post "Southern drawl", I would appreciate if you could throw some light on Drawls. I have a seprerate thread in the pronunciation section on the same. Thanks
    Good Morning Ann, I hope you are doing good.
    Please enlighten us with your views on my post on Neutral and Neutralized Accent.
    Yes my mom and dad live there, I was raised there, I have a sis but she is married and lives in a different town.
    Hey there, today you got late...
    I came back today from my home town and was waiting for you...
    Thanks a lot for your care and concern. Its now long gone and I have erased that incident from my memory, what happened happened, I cant undo it, so lets not rake over the ashes.

    How have you been?

    I will mail you some screenshots/pictures explaining how to save messages on your desktop and how to retrieve them when needed. I hope that will explain you everything.
    Okay. Sorry. I didn't know it was harmful or against our policy to post emails here.

    I knew it was the case in the Forum. I guess I just assumed that this is a private place. I was so happy to think that it was possible here!

    Sorry. I won't forget or do it again.
    This may make me seem a spoilsport, but please don't display emails publicly. Every single day we get spam bots coming into the forum and they will harvest emails and bombard you. We have a few public emails on the site that we have to display and I can't remember ever seeing my spam folder below the 2,000 messages level.

    There's also a chance that you will be sending spam- they will know the email is active and spoof it to send out millions of viagra emails and you might find yourself unable to send emails. It really is in your interests not to do it. Also, things like (at) or removing the dots don't fool them either- they have every possible pattern of pat. Use private message or you can send emails from the person's profile or the Send message link on this page under the name. Click on the link and it'l bring up a box to send it. If there's no link, then the person has opted not to allow email, so try private message if you need to contact them.

    Thanks a lot
    I didn't know we could post emails here. :up:

    [removing email]

    I haven't figured out yet how to cope with the messages in my inbox, :oops:

    but I'd love to get emails from everyone. :-D
    Hi, Mohamad!

    I'm a professor of math and science at a two-year junior college, but my interest in UsingEnglish is because I'm also an editor.

    I'm from Boston in the USA.

    I hope you are safe and happy, and that all is well with you and yours.

    ~ Ann
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