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  • thanks dear julianna, i am doing right , tell me about yourself how are you doing. i hope every thing is good with you ............. bye
    so you are from azarbeijan , i was in nice city of baku for a while _ ahmad lee was the place .
    Hi armeen ! I am good... How are you ? I`ll come back soon.....Write me about yourself....Bye :)
    Hi Armeen,
    Thanks for calling me as a freind. I would like to know about you. Where you from ? and what are you doing ?
    Hey there.I am afraid I've forgotten the perfect Persian I used to speak as a child:(though my parents are still able to converse in Persian, I can't.I can only understand it a bit.But someday I'll learn it again:)
    I spent three years in Iran when I was a child.My father used to be the production manager at a paper mill(dnt knw the name)at Chuka,near Anzali.My whole family and I love everything about Iran.My younger sister was born there and consider herself Persian;)
    Hi armeen.I am fine.How are you? What do you doing?
    See you later...Bye :)
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