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    Thank you Anglika. I think I understand it now.
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    Yes, thank you very much, finta. But I still don't get it. Why say "you, briefly". I am really confused.:-?
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    Please help me with this phrase "You, in a few words". What does it mean? I read this in Have Your Say column thread in Daily Express. Thank you.
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    It could also be double love 7, yes?;-)
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    correct sentence

    or you can say I am talking about newborn baby. Correct?
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    Rules for Question Mark

    I do. So do you?
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    earn displeasure

    Thanks to you both. Much obliged!:-D
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    Quite\Rather 2

    quite better? rather better? Why not just say better than..... I am confused!!
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    earn displeasure

    Is the following sentence correct, please? If you do not do your homework you will earn your teacher's displeasure.
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    I voted time enough....:-D