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    Cover letter-can you please check it?

    Hi, I intend to send this cover letter for an internship. I would appreciate it if you could check it and tell me what you think. Thanks a lot. Dear Ms Smith I am interested in applying for the internship currently advertised on your website. This position corresponds to what I am...
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    Meaning of phrase?

    Hi, I am not a native speaker. Recently I came across with the phrase-able to minute a staff meeting. Can someone pleas explain what does it mean? Thanks in advance
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    how or what?

    Which is the correct expression: how do you call or what do you call?
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    Help- cover letter

    Thank you for your remarks abd suggestions. They are really useful. But there is still one thing, that I am not certain though. Should I include the title and the author of the literary works, that I mention, or should I leave it just like that(for example when I am referring to room 101 should...
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    This is my resume, any comments, suggestions or corrections are more than wellcome.
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    The image of the woman is in fact a pastiche of Magrite's Rape(as it was well observed), Botticeli's The Birth of Venus, and Van Gogh's Vincent in flames. As far as the combination of fire, woman and sea its concerned, it is a referenxe in an ancient greek saying, according to which the three...
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    Millihelen 2

    Thanks for the grammar check. Any other comment on the plot or the characters is more than welcome.
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    Help- cover letter

    Below follows the cover letter I intend to attach along with my application to a postgraduate course in creative writing. Any comments, suggestion, or even alterations are more than welcome, especially if they involve errors in grammar (I am not a native speaker) To whom it may concern I...
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    Millihelen 2

    A short definition of the zahir goes as follows: an object, granted with the power of creating an obsession, to anyone that gazes it. The reality fades, as the viewer is drawn closer towards the zahir. It has appeared in various forms, in different people, throughout the ages, for no reason at...
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    This ia short story, which I have written. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. Millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen. millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen millihelen. Millihe -Shut up and pay...