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    "was it a dream" by guy de maupassant

    I'm very bad at French. I know the original language of this story is French. But I can't translate it.
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    "was it a dream" by guy de maupassant

    I need your help. I must find the elements of this short story (settin, point of view, conflict etc.) You can also share your comments over this masterpiece. Waiting for your answer.
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    help (translation)

    Hi friends. How can we translate this sentence? In the garden, the overturned shower fixture that had been lying next to the broken fountain got up and stood in its base- all in the same lightening flash.
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    help pls (risk taking)

    Hi friends. I'm looking for an article named risk taking in learning. I you can help me, I'll be very glad.
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    help pls!

    yes, pls write these questions about big cities. These questions might be related to problems of living in a city or advantages. For instance, what are the major social problems facing cities?
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    help pls!

    Hi friends. I need questions about the subject "advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city". Thank you
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    heeeeeeelp! (shooting an elephant)

    Is there anybody here who read the short story " shooting an elephant" ? I will present it in the classs this week. I need comments, deep meaning , questions, etc. I'd be grateful if you can help me.
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    How to cope the boredom in english teaching?

    Hi Fay! I'm from Turkey. I'm studying at english teaching class at Erciyes University. I know your feelings. Maybe, you can give your students small sketches and want them to act on stage. Or you can give different subject to each student and want them to teach their friends their subjects. I...
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    New Members - Introduce yourself here

    Hi everybody! My name is Ahmet, from Turkey. I'm sure you will help me with my conversation and writing. I'm very bad especially at writing. If you help, I will be glad. Thanks for your help already now.