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  • I'm pleased that you have accepted my friendship request! Bye now, and see you in the forums (more often though!).
    Hi: I see that you have requested for me to be on your "friend" list. At this time, I don't have time for any extra activity. My mother is in the hospital, and I need to spend a lot of time there. Perhaps in a few weeks. Sincerely, Seaching for Language.
    Hi, Asli,
    Thanks for visiting my page. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to participate as much as I would like. But its really nice, with many friendly people. How are you these days?
    All the best!
    Hello Azami, my name is Julieta. I am from Argentina and I am studying to take the Advanced Exam. For that reason I want to make friends, and to find a somebody to speak with. If you are interested please contact me. See you. Juli
    Hey Asil good luck dear sis and wish you all the best 4 the futuer.My new avatar is love hearts on the ground :(

    hi asli thank you for your last message and happy new year-2009- full of success and happyness doctor.
    hi dear friend , happy aid to you too and to all the members of your familly ,i am ok thank you for your message ,i am so busy recently you know teaching ,students,exams..,any way take care and have a nice day by by.
    Goodbye dear Asli .. see you so0o0on with great news about your exams enshallah ..

    take care dear,
    I was just writting an e-mail for you ^^ you'll receive it so0o0oon

    ok, let's move to my profile and have a little chat .. I'll wait for you ;-)
    Hi Asli ,

    How are girl ??

    Happy Eid again & again ..

    I never get tired of saying this words :lol:
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