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  • hello,asli.I just acquire a friend I have never met.I wish to say hi and lest I forget thank you for letting me be your friend.
    Hi Asli, How are you girl ???
    You're going to your Uni. tomorrow right?
    anyway .. good luck !!!!
    Wow! I didn't have a clue you can leave comments on people's pages! Well, this is fun.
    So, I am here to say hello to you, Asli, and send you some good vibes to last through the day.:lol:
    And, of course, thank you for your friendship, my dear!
    Asli You're online! me too!!
    How're you doing??
    I'm waiting for your replies to my messages!
    Thank you alhumdlilah its beautiful here,life is beautiful everywhere we just need to understand it.

    ok hun I am Algerian but I live in Australia with my family.bless Ramadan to you.and take care of ur self,buy.
    Hello dear Asli
    I'm gald you liked my name, your name is nice too. You're most welcome to be my friend.
    All the best
    LOL sorry sis i thought u are a bro,thanx for ur caring hun.alhumdlilah i good and you?hows life?
    its OK Asil ur question was not stupid , what i mean by brother is BROTHER HOOD in Islam i am sorry but if ur a Muslim.

    see you.
    yeah sure we can be friends brother i added u as a friend.yes i mean u university by UNI.

    hi and nice to meet someone from AZERBIJAN I am i don't not go to uni i am still a baby for Uni, i am studying in yr 11 some program which will make me happy with myself inshalalh in the future. by by
    hi ,
    i like calling you asli ,what do you want to know exactly about me?i am from algeria and i am a student ,buyasli
    Oooh Amina - I`m very glad that you`re accept to be my friend ! yes , my name is a bit strange ( My first name is Asli ) - but I`m from Azerbaijan .I want to know about you much than that __ Please write soon ...
    hi azami,:hi:
    i am amina .i have visited your page because i wanted to know where are you from :roll:,i have found your name too familiar i think it is in arabic is't it?i accept to be your friend azami you are welcome,buy.;-)
    Hi to EVERYBODY ! I`m very glad :-D that I`m on this forum ! It`s very important for me - `cause I love to learn different languages and to share them ... And it`s not all in a matter of fact I`m first-year student of Medical University , so , I think for my future improvement I need English much more ! So , go on & please post message to me .................
    Hi to everybody ! I`m glad that I`m here - Because it`s very important for me to learn English as well ...In a matter of fact I`m first-year student of Medical University and for my future improve I need English . Of course it`s not all - I want to find new friends and to share my ideas with them - I think it`s very LOVELY ! And `cause I want all of you to post message to me !
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