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  • Hi, happy to hear from you, too.
    I wish you good health and best rewardings from Allah in this holy month of Ramadan.
    Hi Aziz, its been a long time didn't see you at the UE Forum especially missing your poems. Hope you are doing well :)
    Hi , ULYA.I'm fine thanks for asking.This is just the end of the school year and it's making me a bit busy.I think I will be away for a while and come back by the end of Ramadan.See you then.
    Hi sweet lady!It's true:it's been a long time!Congratulations and welcome to the world of teaching.
    whoa, bn a long tym uncle, aint it?
    so howz it goin so far? hows soumayya & aunty ^^
    btw ive recently graduated (2nd of my institute)
    & pple already consider me an Eng teacher xD
    Hi! The fact that Syran was in the boat with his father was not clearly stated in the previous text. I'm sorry for the confusion...
    Hi,Hortence. I am mixed up concerning Jacelt and need time to read previous posts to join in but I haven't got time so far.Thanks for your concern.
    PS: May be you can help me find the right post .
    Thanks again. Yes, you are right. After what I read on the internet about her syndrome, I'm totally devastated.
    Enshallah RABBI yastajib ldo3ana.
    Have a nice day
    I want to tell you bye here,(writing a sentence before leaving):)
    Have a great time Aziz and goodnight:):up:
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