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  • You mean I fight with him too?! ( I didn't) And one more thing, When I told him I listen to music about 12 hours ( He was really tired at the moment and suddenly he shocked:shock: and surprisingly told me: What did U say?!;-):lol: ) His rolling eyes was funny to see:lol::lol::lol::lol: I really tried to control myself and when I left the room my friends and I exploded like a bomb and laughed a lot:lol::lol::lol:;-)
    Alhamdoulillah,you see ;patience is a great treasure .I am really happy to hear that.Should I understand from your friend's behavior that you are the same in such circumstances?
    Hi Aziz:)
    I passed the exam and my class will start next week.:-D:-D:-D:cool:
    A person who interviewed me was the manager of institute and we didn't know that, ( My friend fight with him about that happen and when she understood he is manager! Her face was funny:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::oops::shock:)
    Ok,no problem.
    I have a question?! Can you help me and correct me when I make mistakes?
    I enjoy it too.
    I have a question?! Can you help me and correct me when I have mistakes?(talking to you) THK:):up:
    OMG:) I'm glad to hear that, You are really nice (Lucky students and family:):-D) I wish some friends could be like you;-):roll::) THANKS A LOT FOR GIVING ME YOUR GOLD TIME:):-D:up:
    You are always welcome.Feel free to talk to me whenever you want.This is what we are doing here ;talking to each other.I just hope you are not upset anymore .
    ٍSorry,I am working and from time to time I have a look at the UE posts that's why you do not get my answers right away.Sorry once again.
    Dear aziz I think you are not on your PC now, Thanks a lot for your talking tonight:) You are really such a nice teacher:):-D:up:
    Take care:)
    You are exactly right, You are perfect but I'm not:roll::oops:. I wanted to be honest and I told truth:) We cheated in the class because we didn't have enough time but our teachers knew that most of students are good at English:), I don't like cheating,when I don't know the answer I prefer to answer other questions and go on, but sometimes I did:roll::oops:
    So I'm not such a pure girl!:shock::roll::oops: Am I right?:oops:;-)
    Fear never let me cheat.Now I try to warn my children and my students against cheating because it's a means that teaches us weakness that we recognize in ourselves even in front of the mirror.
    Nope, I hate telling lie, Honestly In the past I used to cheat (Sometimes);-)
    Every one did it in the English class because there was not camera and also our teachers knew that and didn't say anything:lol:;-)
    Honestly have you ever cheated in your life (when you were student?;-):roll:)
    We all did it at school:lol: didn't we?;-)
    Cheating is a skill that apparently you do not have;that's why you were caught and not the others.
    I know the exam rules!:):shock:;-) I helped my friend just one word:-:)roll: I didn't know there was a camera, So many students did cheat:-?:shock: I don't know why they just saw me:-?:shock::roll: Beside me was a Boy who cheated his writing from me:roll::shock: They didn't see him?!
    That was funny when one of teachers came to our class and said those girls who sit at the end of class did cheat and then we couldn't stop laughing:lol::lol::lol:;-) One of Girls who was a secretary understood that I didn't cheat helped me and let me take an exam again, If she didn't do that, I had to wait for next month.
    next time I will sit exactly on the first sit and then the teacher and camera will see everything;-):-D:lol:
    Sorry to hear that my dear,but never mind;consider it a training and prepare yourself for the second chance offered.Only this time ,please respect the exam rules .Good luck.Now at least you know how it works ,so no more stress next time.Let me know then.
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