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  • Hi aziz:)
    Today I passed an exam but they told me: Your friend and U did cheat!!:-?:-:)roll: Honestly just one word:oops::roll: But my friend had a problem and I explained about question, Nothing more:shock::roll: They told us camera showed it and U(ME)
    should take an exam again:-?:oops::-( My friend passed because a young Boy who interviewed her accepted her:roll::) (I'm happy she passed the exam).
    But a Girl who interviewed me (A Girl who thought we cheat:-?) didn't accept me and I'll have 2 take an exam next Tuesday:roll::-?:-(
    Dear aziz abd I don't know how can I thank you:):oops::-D
    Thanks a lot for your help:-D I hope I will pass the test:-D
    You are right, My teacher I will have an English exam on Tuesday,(An exam b4 IELTS )
    I'm so nervous:( Can U help me and tell me how they interview? Which questions are most important? And what about writing?
    Who's never failed has never tried.Just write do not give much time to thinking but to feeling.
    See here how to measure a poem.There is also another one here.I hope you will enjoy measuring a poem to discover your own pace.I also speak French.
    Hi my friend:)
    Thank you very much 4 your help:-D I'm happy because you are a nice teacher and friend that I have.
    Honestly I read some modern poems like: MADONNA, CELEN DION, U2, SHAKIRA, BEYONCE, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, etc.( I don't know if they are modern:roll:) I want to know is there sth different with other poems?:up::-D
    Can U speak french?:cool:
    Good day:)
    Hi,B.Amanda.I am a teacher who enjoys being with you here.I teach English at a lycee four meters away from home.Thanks to UE sweet members like you I found out I could write something like poetry .If you want to try to write just look for places that would help you find rhymes.
    Hi my dear:)
    Dear aziz abd are u a teacher in this forum? Or do u teach at school?
    Are u in poet? And if yes! can u recommend me some useful books about poetry? :):up:

    Take Care:):cool:
    Thank you ....I like it very much....You are origin poet and friend...:)You are very attentive person...See you..:)
    we celebrate it too,in some regions of Morocco.May be I will send you some views about it.
    Hi AZIZ!are you celebrating Novruz too?and it is intersting for me....are they cooking paklava in your country?
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