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  • she's laughing.she says if that is your I know that ULYA's is a turkish actress lamiss.
    Tell her I said hi as well.
    Argh, bn there, done it. + I know pple who study day & night, still, nvr reach ur lvl (5miça 3lik lol) IOW--> STUDZ SUCK !!
    LOL Where do you get those ryhmes from? WOW ! U really is gifted !! Here's the deal, make me rhythmic or I'll tell ur wife on u!
    There is no secret in that
    Try it as you lose some fat
    jogging goes with a rythm
    also do verses ask them
    If you feel how words are out
    Of your mouth and out and out
    You'll notice they're syllables
    Treated as honorables
    So give them what they deserve
    And be sure they've you to serve.
    Thank you! I'm not an English speaker myself, so be patient with me too! Have a great evening! See you in the forums!
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