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    Let's write an epic poem together.

    Syran thought how to make them rest Before they carry on their quest You’re right Syran, they all confessed _ Just tell me how , so be my guest : _ Emissaries are to invest. _ If it were me , I would head west. _ Why don’t we try through the forest ? _ For me, South is of...
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    Let's write an epic poem together.

    I dropped in here just to say hi All this absence you may know why I love you guys so help me try To catch up here I cannot lie So who’s to live and who’s to die ? Who is here vile and who’s good guy ? Who is to sail and who’s to fly Who is evil,who’s nice as pie What is or...
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    Let's write an epic poem together.

    Their decision was wait till night, cause what had eyes would then need light. They knew they'd have a greater fight, especially deprived of sight. But the full moon was big though high, and the monster had just one eye. Syran told them "stay in the shade" "Be careful not to show your blade"...
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    Let's write an epic poem together.

    These words were taken as a cure that would make them feel more secure. The air around became so pure, they felt they are now more mature. They were ready to continue, with now in mind a clearer view. Of course the adventure will be new, but this will not scare all the crew.
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    A GOOD TEACHER IS LIKE A CANDLE - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

    Hey, teachers ;here is the cheapest whiteboard in the world. and the IR pen.
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    Let's write an epic poem together.

    After the sound nothing around, the source of that could not be found. The silence was so absolute to it some fear did contribute. There was nothing to understand, Our knights were there with sword in hand. Were they sailing or in the air? Of that they could all be aware. Some hidden force was...
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    Humorous verse

    Far away I met a rock Trying to coo as a duck To say why it should be stuck And not have the others’ luck Such as getting on a truck Or having something to suck A comment came from a tree Who did not seem to agree Who will hold if you leave me? We are you why can’t you see...
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    International Café [Part 2]

    I see that beauty speaks all languages.
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    When Was The Last Time You ...

    Last Sunday to attend the burials of my Aunt (May Allah have mercy on her) some 500kms to the south. As I didn't have time to visit all the relatives... :oops:. When was the last time you felt free from your daily duties?
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    Spelling game

    Itz orlsew kwite difikult two reed riting htat iz inne LemonChiffon kullor. Eye dident eefen sea itte aganest hte wite bakgrowde ande kan hardlee sea itte onne a blew bakgrowde! It's also quite difficult to read writing that is in lemon chiffon color.I didn't even see it against the white...
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    Making words from letters in a long word

    Booth-Mail Photo- Alpha-Hippo Loom hat- Both-Optimal- Loath-Habit-Optima...
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    When Was The Last Time You ...

    Never or perhaps I only don't remember. When was the last time you enjoyed a long trip?
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    Just not nice!

    I would kindly say Farewell, but to which particular person? How nice of you;HUDA, to join in.
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    stealing day

    I would steal a moment from this exam period to see Nil.
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    Making words from letters in a long word

    Recontextualize Ulcerate