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    [General] credit hour

    Dear teachers, Could you possibly explain what "REQUIRED COURSES - 45 CREDIT HOURS" mean? Thanks.
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    Hi dear teachers, I would kindly request you all to give me some directions on the levels of English learning and corresponding requirements. I am not able to find this information anywhere at all. So, I am looking forward to getting your advice and suggestions. For example: Beginner Level -...
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    [Grammar] Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous

    What are the differences between the sentences below: I have worked here for five years. I have been working here for five years. He has painted the room for five hours. He has been painting the room for five hours.
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    [Grammar] should

    Which is wrong? I would kindly ask you to explain if any of the sentences are incorrect. 1. He insists that I should take an exam. 2. He insists that I take an exam. 3. He insisted that I should take an exam. 4. He insisted that I took an exam. 5. He insists that I can take an exam. 6. He...
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    [Vocabulary] population vs community

    What is the difference between the following sentences? Jewish community in England is increasing. Jewish population in England is increasing.
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    [Grammar] opposite vs in front of

    What is the difference between these sentences? He is standing in front of the bank. He is standing opposite to the bank.
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    please check the opening part

    Does it sound natural in English? Please correct if necessary. Good morning, dear fathers, leaders of our peaceful life, and dear mothers, the most courteous to people!
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    Is this correct

    This is going to be a title for a piece of work. Does it sound good in English? I have never been and will not be worse than others.
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    newest or the newest

    Hi there, There is a rule for the usage of superlative in grammar books: 1) the ____est + noun (the highest mountain was left behind) 2) noun + ______est (the mountain, which was highest, was left behind) - The UK had the highest rate of unemployment. - The unemployment rate was...
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    structure, collocation

    Hi there, Could you please explain (1) the meaning of the collocations in bold; and (2) the newspaper structure/style (Is it acceptable in formal writings/correspondence? Is it OK if one ends the sentence in that way?). 1) "However, if you look at that as the wider relative economic output -...
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    Hi there, On several occasions, while looking through the posts or watching billboard ads, I stumbled upon the word 'snap'. I could not get the meaning of the word even when I looked it in the dictionary. Can you please explain the word, and its usage.
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    Hi there, Could you please show any difference between the sentences? Have you got time to do the washing-up? Have you got any time to do the washing-up? Does 'any' change the meaning of the sentence?
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    Translation, alteration, or transformation

    Hi there Dear moderators, Could you possibly make it clear whether translation, alteration or transformation should be used in the following context. The manuscript has been transformed from Latin into English. Dr. Smith is the author of introduction and transformations into English, whereas...
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    Does this sentence sound nice? What do you think? The study of the works extending the ideology of the system that calls for the integration into the mainstream society rather than hermitic practice is a matter of great significance for researchers to lay focus on.
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    Hi there, I was unable to find a suitable word for the people involved in these areas: 1) a person who studies sources, i.e., old manuscripts etc. -- ? 2) a person who studies Judaism or Christianity or Islam -- Scholar on Judaism ??? 3) a person who studies the culture, language and people of...