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  • Hello!
    My name is Devon Pham and I am a Vietnamese. It is nice to meet you. I hope you could help me with improving my English. Please read through my threads, including the "Write a letter to an England school" one and leave me some comments.
    Thank you so much!
    Yours faithfully,
    Devon Pham

    How things going on with you ....?Its been a so long time since I heard from you...

    Yes, it is good to have your wife with you....god belss you and your wife.

    Aboout Singapore; Its very neat and clean country. Its infrastructure is such a great one. Every one who visit that country will agry that its transportaiotn system is very convenient and there are plenty of food courts and restaurants to suit every kinds of tastes with vast varieties of cuisines . It is really an advanced country in every way. But poeple are not interested in family life and to have offsprings. 'cause it is very expensive to look after a child. They want to enjoy life without the burden of children. Govt is trying to support its citizens by offering financial help to have child. Singapre has a multilingual and multicultural society..and there is racial problems but we can not see it in the forefront ....there is a community frm India whose forefathers were brought to Singapre by British rulers from India to work in the Plantations. They are a dominant Indian society over there and they are a bit intolarent towards other communities too. Anyways Singapre is a most modern society and they are very competitive too. .......every visitor will love its beautful structures and tourist attractions ......and will hope to visit it again........

    Then what else ? What news from Poland?

    Its nice to hear that you had the chance to enjoy holidays in Spain . had fun at its beaches.

    Spain is a great nation . One of the oldest culture in the world. I have heard that many celebrities are fond of beaches of Spain. Its old churches and other structures are beutiful and elegant. I too fond of its beautiful heritage and churches. BTW whats your wife? Is she still in Spain?

    I shall write about Singapore in my next message.

    Hope you doin great..:lol:
    We dont have any such vacation system during summer except for the children who have school summer vacation . Usually we used to go for trip to some place in our own State or to neighbouring States, but there is no particular season for it. But frm June upto August there will be monsoon rain and it would be better to avoid long journey during this season. Some times roads will be flooded and traffic problems in the hill stations 'cause of broken trees on the road. I have never visited a snowy place. Only foreign country I have visited is Singapore.That was for attending a training by my Company's Singapore Office.

    What about your holiday trips. When did you go for a summer holiday trip last time?
    Not at all. My place is in southern part of India. Here the average temperture is 30 degree celcius during winter. But in Kashmir which is near to the Himalayan mountains...and there is snowfalls during the winter. But Kashmir is exctreme Noth part of India.
    Its a good news that London is welcoming winter. I think London and other places of England will have snow falls during winter. It would be nice to watch snowfalls. To the people of Tropicala regions like India to be in such a cold locations would be a great experiene and may fell ill as well.Is there any festivals to welcome winter like some other European countries ?

    Anyways hope you have funny days ......
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