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    your coming

    I came across this structure in a Turkish site.they were discussing usage of your/his/her + Ving as as object.But I am not sure this usage is ok eg. 1-I don't want your going to party (I dont want you to go to party) 2-I don't want your dying 3-The man that I don't want his coming to our party...
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    head'n home

    what does it mean ? I saw this phrase below of a picture.There are two flying ducks on it. (By the way please correct my all sentences above )
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    I am still loving you

    "I am still loving you " as you may know ,is a song by scorpions. My question is : Can ve use gerund form for verb love ? Could you explain this ?
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    want vs ask

    I don't know If it was asked before . can we use ever verb ask instead of want ? and what does "ask for " means ? and in which context can it be used ? when should we prefer to use "want" , "ask" or ask for ? thanks in advance
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    so do I, me too

    Boy : I want to go to cinema. Girl :me too /So do I In this context which one is more properly And is there any rule about using of them?
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    althoug and in spite of the fact that

    "Althoug " and "in spite of the fact that" Are these two phrase interchangeable ever or depends on context ?
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    has " because of " positive meaning ?

    hi all, I would like to know if/whether "because of" can be used for positive meaning ( by the way, please correct all sentences I wrote ) for example : -thank you very much for your help .I became a good teacher because of you.