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    [Urgent] Passive voice

    Correct the following sentences. Correct me if I am wrong and give me an explanation. If you think of a better correction, please let me know and explain it to me. 1. Many students is worry by their final exams. my ans: Many students are worried/worry about their final exams What is the...
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    Sentence structure

    One might as well not know the thing at all as know it imperfectly. Why are there two main verbs in this sentence? I wonder if this sentence is composed of two clauses and the second 'as' is used to link them together. One is 'one might as well not know the thing at all'. Another one is 'one...
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    Sentence structure + dangling modifier

    Excuse me. Can anyone figure out what is the error in the following sentences and give an explanation? 1. While traveling in France, the exchange rate got much worse. 2. According to Consumer Reports, it says that the Lexus is a very good car. 3. After taking hours to plant hundreds of...