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  • Hello, beachboy.
    Your photo reminded me of Kaka (football player) very much.
    Brazilians always look so happy, I think because they have so many sunny days out there.
    And the girls are all naked :)
    I am feeling so envious of you, in a good sense, though :)
    Wish we were friends ;)
    I need someone
    whose first languge is English and also still professionalising in English to be a teacher? I need him/her for..(I will explain the reason ıf there ıs any u know?So urgent! plz help!..will you?
    Hello Beachboy,
    I am Sajjad Bukhari from Pakistan. I wish a nice friendship with you coz you are from Brazil and I like Brazil after my country.
    Hope you will reply me
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