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  • Hi my friend,
    Hey dear I'm not your enemy, I respect your ideas ( No difference in religions and no difference in nations). You are human and have a right to be free.
    I'm happy because I have many friends from other countries and we can be friend.(As example: Poland, Morocco, Germany, USA and many others. I have a friend who is like you atheist and he is really cool Boy, We talk a lot and have lots of fun, But I'm not atheist and I'm believe in God.
    I'm 21(Two month later I will be 22), I'm a Girl and satisfied to be. I love music and want to study music at university (singing), I love writing poems and etc. I was interested in your poem and also I remember you told that you are playing guitar( Me too but not professional yet). Hey dear if you think this friendship bothers you, You are free and you can choose whatever you want.
    I really have no problem with you, I love peace and hate war.
    Good day,
    Peace and smile:)
    Hi my friend,:)
    I'm really happy because I have one friend from Israel:-D:-D:up:
    Are u Jewish?:?:
    Can u introduce yourself 4 me? How old are u, Are u a Boy or a girl, Are u studying at university and etc?:):-D:cool:
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