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  • please help me to write a refund letter for my cousin...he wrote a letter to refund the amount of 5,000 in training. how i'll write a letter for him? to request a refund for my cousin..thanks in advance sir......
    Yea, Economic gloom has affected our economy also.My state 'Kerala' will have more impact since lot of people of this state working abroad especailly in Gulf . There are lot employees returning from Gulf sector every day . But it has not affected so worsely so far.Hope things will improve in a couple of year.How about the French politics and Sarkosi's leadreship?
    salam kya ap mujy tenses smjhane me helpker sekhtey hain i m very weak in english plz help me..or mei ne FA english part1 or part 2 english ka exams b dena plz meri koi help ker dein...plz
    Thank you very much.'life is sweeter than you are near' is a sentence i received from my email, maybe an advertisement. another question is swing by usage. could you pl make some example for the using of swing by? what does follow after the phrase of swing by?
    AS in future tense we use will and shall according to situation held.. but where we will use would and should ????
    Helo Bhaisahab,Could you please have a look on my post titled"Shortcut in Speaking".Please Reply .Thank You so much.
    Thanks. I am doing great.
    Its nice to hear that you are not in trouble now. Bad days gone with the wind. Complications of life!!! thats a reality ......we can not get ridd off it....I think...troubles and tribulations will make us more patient and things goin on in London in this turbulant time of economic slow down?
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