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  • hello Bhaisahab! i'm espazia, i'm new here. could you please tell me how to use neither and either?
    Hello Bhaisahab.....My belated New Year greetings.......How things goin on with you..?
    Hi, Thank you so much for your quick answer! :) it really helped me a lot.
    Hello bhaisahab
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help for us students.
    All the best
    Hello! You seem somewhat of an expert in the forum, so I was wondering if you'd be able to take a look at my post about meaning of a title "The suffered son". I'm unsure how to link directly to it in this post (sorry).
    Could you please have look on my post regarding short email request?

    Thanks in advance
    thank you so much for your quick reply :)
    can you please help me with the next 2? (request, ability, or offer)
    What time, do you think, you can be at my place tonight for the card game?
    Can you lend me some money in order for me to pay the bills?
    Good Afternoon! I am rehana, an employee. Please suggest to how improve my communication and written skills in english. Plz. suggest
    Sorry but I don't understand your answer to my question on the Scottish Independence" text. Answer "A" says "devolution" the same as answer "C". What do you mean by "revolution" ? I know they are not the same. Please!!! Help!!
    Hi bhaisahab !!

    how are you doing ??

    It's been a while since your last visit to the "fun & games" section ..

    Come on join us in the International Cafe' !!! have a coffee and chat with us !!
    Sentence : You should copy the data to MS Word file 'same as it is' in the book.
    Is this sentence correct ?
    Can you please tell me some other words/phrases which can replace 'same as it is'?
    Howz the climate over there? Winter started in France? and ........'Aap khushi mai hai kya?
    Context : where did you done your school education

    Sentence : Where was your schooling?

    Is this sentence correct?

    Pls help me out .
    Thanks in advance
    Hi Bhaisahab,

    I want to know the meaning of 'Nutty' . Is it means silly?

    Pls give me a sentence with 'nutty'

    Thanks in advance
    Hi Bhaisahab,

    Pls give the meanig of the follwing

    Quote:pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, even if you don't have boots

    Thanks in advance
    bhai good day,

    thanks for your reply, i was quite sure that you will definitely keep me informed abot my query.

    bes regards
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