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  • guide me which one sentence is correct????

    1. Anna and 2001 friends wishes you happy birthday.
    2. Anna and 2001 friends WISH you happy birthday.
    Quote: Economic woes have claimed some members of Forbes' ranking of the 400 wealthiest Americans

    Q: what is the meaning of claimed in this sentence?

    Help is highly appreciated
    Hi Bhaisahab,
    Its nice to hear that "Aap Bhuth acha hun". Your help is appreciated .......

    Aap Kaise hai?(Hope you know the meaning of this word)
    everything is fine with you?
    Hi Bhaisahab,
    No problem.

    Another doubt:

    "Japan's economy had been recovering from a slump stretching back more than a decade."

    the above sentence is from the news about japan's economy .
    Can you pls tell me what is it meant by 'slump stretching back'

    Thnaks in advance
    the context is one person is failed in evaluating the character of another .later he admits he could not do it properly.
    I need your help to clear the following doubt

    If I say " I need to do ironing my dress" . Is it right?
    (We use the word 'ironing' for using iron box on cloths. I dont know whether it is local slang.) Can you pls help me out?

    Thanks in advance
    Hi bhaisahab....Its gr8 to know you know a little bit Hindi . I m interested to learn english . I would like to learn a little english from you...can I be your friend?
    HI !
    THanks for replying I am teaching students who has little knowledge of English Language. Some don't know English at all as they are refugees or expatriates. So How am I going to teach these people reading?
    hi bhaisahab, I need your help I am anju fron australia. I need some tips to teach reading to complete beginners can you help me please !

    Send me some of your thoughts please !

    Please participate in the vote 'Would you like to live in the USA?'. We need to see your beautiful opinions about living in the USA! Hopping that you'd set the stage for having a good conclusion!
    Hi I am the new user. please tell me can I do chatting here?
    hi.i am from pakistan NAs Gilgit Hunza.i am keen to learn english please give and trik to speak fluently,write without spelling mistake & listen as a english man listen.
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