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    under penalty of fine

    Hi, Can I say: "Companies must follow the new environmental requirements under penalty of fine"
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    Hi, Is this sentence correct? "would you engage me in the salt, please?" Is it a polite way of saying: "you pass me the salt?"
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    Passive voice — He used to put his dreams into practice.

    Hi, A teacher wants us to use the passive voice of "He used to put his dreams into practice" I would say: "His dreams were put into practice." He say: "His dreams used to be put into practice" Anyway, for me the three sentences are weird. You can make your dream come true, but how can you...
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    Weird sentence—Many books have been being bought.

    Hi, It's about a class that studies the passive voice. The teachers wanted the passive voice of the follwing sentence: "We have been buying many books." I've read the following answer: "Many books have been being bought" It's wrong, isn't it?
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    Hi, Is the following passage correct? "Craftmen's craft are heading to decay"
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    Hi, Is the following passage correct? Is it correct to say: "We do a flightseeing tour over Rio de Janeiro by helicopter"
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    on the beach?

    Hi, Is it correct to say: We'll travel from point A to point B by the beach? (It's for a Land Rover trip that do tours on the sand). Or should I say on the beach ?
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    In accordance with the tides?

    Hi, Is it correct to say: "We leave the town when the tides are low" or "We leave the town in accordance with the tides"? It's about a trip by 4X4 jeep on the shore that may only be possible when the tides are low.
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    Need correction

    Hi, I'm working on my new website and I don't want to make mistakes in English. Could you correct the text below? Tourists can visit the “Air France Point” (Ponta da Air France in Portuguese), located at the meeting point between the inner and outer see. It is so-called because in the early...
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    [Vocabulary] go round?

    Hi, Is the passage below correct? It should be a topic of a text. "Go round the island by jeep"
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    sightseeing or panoramic view?

    Hi, Is the passage below correct? "Navigate in the blue water, among dolphins, colored maritime species. An awesome visual. Beverage and snacks will be served on board. Excellent service with bar area, exclusive bathrooms and and top deck for sightseeing."
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    The whole dive?

    Hi, Is the following text correct? the island is an ideal spot for diving. And it is not only for experienced divers. For those who never dived, the ship crew offers full assistance with last generation equipments and experienced instructors who will escort the beginners during the whole dive.
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    Flight Booking or Booking Flights?

    Hi, I'm working on a website in English. it's about flight reservations. Which is correct: Flight bookings? Booking Flights? or should it be in the singular? (It will appear as a topic on the menu).
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    Hi, A retired man who decides to go back to work. Do you have a word for that in English? They use "desaposentação" in Portugues even if this word doesn't appear in the dictionnary. It must be a substantive. Can I say non-retirement as a faithful translation?
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    in or at?

    Hi, Do you say: "Enjoying the vacation at Miami Beach" or "Enjoying the vacation in Miami Beach"?