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  • Hi BC,

    I've been browsing with little success. Apparently, nobody has yet performed- or at least, recorded a performance- of this song. Maybe we should look for the lyrics and the score and make the first! :cool:
    Hi BC,

    Wintter Watts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See "Other songs" section. I'm goint to search youtube for it.
    (Just a present from a friend, although you probably knew already)
    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! Do you know if it will be a boy or a girl?
    I'm very well. You're right, I went to do a CELTA in Milan, and it was amazing :) Since then I've been doing a mix of teaching in various places but am about to settle down to a full year in the UK - with internet! - so jumped at the chance to rejoin the forum. How have you been?
    How nice to see you online!Hope things are going well with you..Good day Milena!!!!
    I was amused by the idea of them losing interest in the pluck. I was trying to imagine what that could be... are they plucking a chicken? =)
    At first I thought you were smiling at the sound of the word "puck" and it made me laugh. Then I noticed that I'd misspelled the word... :)

    Well, we've got something quite similar -- or worse -- here. All those young men who are literally ready to kill for their club... And they do sometimes. And there's certainly no World Cup involved. :-?
    "puck" =)

    To be completely honest, I've never watched hockey in my life. And I don't understand why people get so worked up over it. In a city where I lived before Toronto, there was a riot when the local hockey team won something or other. They completely demolished one of the most popular streets.... I really don't get it. It's not like it was World Cup!!
    Happy egg! haha I love it.
    Where I grew up we used the traditional greeting.
    I don't do spring cleaning. Plus it's been cold cold cold. Seriously, there's no spring in Canada. We have 3 seasons: winter, summer, and hockey. =)
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