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    Mike:Verbal questions

    Antonyms antipathy (A)settled fondness (B)sustained interest The answer in A. I chose B. I'd like to know why B is incorrect. Thanks, ;-) me
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    GRE:Verbal Ability

    winnow:chaff (A)skim:cream (B)pare:fruit (C)filter:impurities Since "winnow" means to get rid of something unwanted, (C) stands out. But I think both A and B are fine too. What do you think? ;-) Thanks, Me
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    GRE verbal

    badger:bother (A)persecute:injure (B)quibble:argue It makes sense that the answer is A. I wonder why B is not. Thanks, Blacknomi
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    make a right

    An American asked me directions this afternoon. Blacknomi: Turn right at the police station and keep going for about one or two minutes, you will see it on your right. Stranger: Make a right? Blacknomi: Y-U-P! Stranger: Thanks. Why doesn't he say, "Turn right?" Is there any difference...
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    Thus, a sycophant may appear to be a sort of 'stool pigeon' since the latter curries the flavor of police officers by "peaching" on his fellow criminals. Why does the writer use the quotation mark here? What does that mean? Thanks,
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    Need correction

    The minimum quantity is 100pcs/per order, but 200 pcs/per order will be better off for us preparing the raw materials. Please correct if there are any mistakes. Thank you in advance.
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    He returned home!

    Given more context, I think #2 is also possible. It seems like he doesn't care for the house a lot. What's your opinion? :?:
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    excpet for

    1- All the essays are good except for Alice's. :-( Why not? 2- All the essays are good except Alice's. :-D 3- No one ever knew of that night's episode, except for the three of us. :-( Why not? 4- No one ever knew of that night's episode, except for the three of us. :-D
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    Ants-in-the-pants weight loss plan

    I'm on the top of the world looking, Down on creation and the only explanation I can find, Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around, Your love's put me at the top of the world. Does that make any difference?
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    If you're spending, there may be

    I have a feel for it--the "ing" form, but I'd like to know how to explain it in a grammatical way. For me, "ing-form" suggests tentative, temporary. What do you think?
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    what else you're eating

    It depends on what else _____ throughout the day. a) you're eating b) you eat Does b sound unnatural in that context? It sounds fine if "throughout the day" is omitted.
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    Molly wears blue jeans but Lydia wears a skirt of red. Molly wears blue jeans but Lydia wears a skirt of red spot patten. Does it sound natural?
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    Fill in the blank. Put in any imaginative verbs you can think of.
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    Bust your beauty rust

    Does it mean to make your brows clearer? Does that mean "dark glasses"? 1-If we say make the most of the time, it means to seize the day and not to waste any time. What does make the most of your looks mean? To paint your face in an appropriate way? 2- Why is "looks" pluralized? It mean you...
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    Aren't you forgetting anything?

    I'd like to know why the present participle form works there. IMO, forget is a verb that, most time, doesn't go with -ing form. It's a perceptive verb and stative. Yes, you forget to give me the paycheck. :-(