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    Summers, winters etc - syntax?

    Could other teachers have a look at this. In short, I'm interested in the syntactical status of the s in (some instances of) summers and winters; I say some because it's obviously possessive in some cases: winter's rains, summer's edition.... I've had a quick look in Swan, but found nothing that...
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    New British Council site - ESOL Nexus

    Worth a look: ESOL Nexus b
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    Potted history of English

    I haven't watched this yet, but it comes from the Open University so it should be worth a look: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. b
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    Re: Sse [Closed topic revisited]

    Re: Sse [Closed topic revisited] Sorry to resurrect this old topic (, but it slipped through the net all those years ago (or perhaps I wasn't around at the time). It remined me of a lesson I...
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    Heads up: 'Grammar-teaching' webinar about to start

    Sorry this is 'just-in-time' (it starts in half an hour)...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    (That just about wraps it up ;-)) b
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    '...As stout a defence of the English language as you're likely to hear'

    BBC Radio 4 broadcast ('aired' - eugh ;-)) a programme called Word of Mouth last night, all of which is worth listening to. But my favourite bit is the interview with the American writer Joe Queenan (15'15"-20'33") - a man after my own heart (and objectors to that use of 'after' should, in Joe...
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    Fry's English Delight

    This is available now in the UK, free for seven days:BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Fry's English Delight - fun and interesting. I'm not sure what iPlayer (the BBC's free repeat service) does in other parts of the world. Stephen Fry's agent presumably has the rights sewn up pretty tightly - the...
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    All about IELTS scores

    I have an interview tomorrow afternoon for a pre-sessional EAP teaching position. I'm looking for help deciphering the requirements. In particular I need to know what 'Ability to teach a range of levels (IELTS 4.0-8.0)' means. I understand the first seven words of course (!) but I have no...
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    English on the Internet

    There are some very old statistics about relative language use on the Internet going round. Of course, less than twenty years ago, when Tim Berners-Lee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia started all in CERN, there was 100% English usage. Since that moment, the percentage has been decreasing. In...
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    I just heard a TV interview with Ms Safina, and she said 'As my brother will not be there I will have to fight for both us'. This is an interesting error. It should be either 'for both of us' or 'for us both'. Can anyone suggest a way of explaining this difference? (If challenged I'd say...
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    Plus ça change

    This isn't primarily about language, but it's a timely reminder about people harking back to a (non-existent) Golden Age, 'before everything went to the dogs'. The headline could come from today's papers, but look at the date...
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    near / nearby - which to use when? Hello everybody, how do I know when to use near and nearby? Can I say It is near? or just It is nearby. Thank you very much!!! Hi teachers I had dinner at a [near/ nearby] restaurant. My dictionary says only "nearby" is correct in British English, but...
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    Interesting new BBC article: BBC NEWS | Magazine | The slow death of handwriting b
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    This is fun, as is the site in general: Define bonhomie You have to treat the site with caution, but it could be useful for more advanced students. b