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    refernce is missing

    When you want to make comments about missing sources in the refence section , what do you sa? For example, students should list the dictionary they used to define a certain word in the refence section but they missed it. In such case, can I write as follows? The source for dictionary is...
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    key ideas

    Can you please help me to express the following ideas more naturally in English? 1. The key ideas/or concepts are too broadly explaind/or described. They ( the key ides) appear to be a list of subtitles which give a broad overview of a certain idea.( commnets on the key ideas students have...
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    column in the table

    I am not sure what to say the first box in the table in English? I am going to ask my students to list their souces and key ideas using a table for their term paper as seen below. In that case, can I say as follows? If it does not sound natural, what do you say? You should list your sources...
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    section or part

    I am trying to give oral direction to the students for their summary using a writing rubric sheet and I am not sure if the following sentences sound natural. If not, please correct me. Thanks a lot. ( Teacher to students) Now, using the rubric sheet I gave you, I want you to give feedback to...
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    Off list words

    When you want to divide vocabulary words into two groups, such as academic words and non-academic words, what do you say? Can I say as follows? List five academic words and list another five off-list words. ( I am trying to say the words that are not frequently used, but stil useful for study)
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    parallel comparison

    Can I rewrite the sentences as follows? (original sentence) The rules for using comma in English are almost the same as the rules for using comma in Korean. --------------------> ............................ are almost the same as the ones in Korean...
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    change your papers...

    If you see any mistakes in the following sentences, can I have your comment? (teacher to students) Change your papers( such as homework or essay) with the person next to you and read them. Compare your answers with the person next to you. or compare your answers with your partner.( Can I say...
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    on the page or in the page

    Which one is correct? Write your questions in the handout or on the handout. Wite your notes in the page of your textbook or on the page of your textbook. Write your annotation in the margine or on the margne of your textbook. Write your summary on your notebook or in your notebook.
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    I am trying to make a sentence using ' annotate' or ' annotation' to explain how to annotate a text to my students, but I am not sure how to use it in a sentence. If you see any mistakes in the following sentences, can I have your comments? When you annotate a text, 1.annotate important...
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    in or on the handout

    I am always confused about on and in in the following sentences. Which one is correct? Write your answers on( or in?) the handout( or handouts) Read the questions on( or in?) the handout( or handouts)
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    lazy students penalized...

    Can anybody read the following sentences and give comments on it? If you see any grmmartical mistakes or awkward expressions, please help me. Lazy students should be penalized for being late for class and for not submitting their homework on time. Teachers can take off some points for late...
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    verb tense

    I tried to correct the mistakes about using correct verb tense. I gave my answer in the parenthesis but I am not sure. Can you please check it . Thanks in advance. Storm clouds darkened the blue sky as I ride( ---? was riding or rode???) my bike home from the park. I had never seen clouds...
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    on or in

    Can you please check if the prepositions are correct in the following sentences? 1. Read the first paragraph on your hanout. 2. Read the first text in your textbook. 3. Write the answer on your handout. 4. Write the answer on your textbook.
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    use an online dictionary in your cell phone

    Can I say ' use an online dicionary in your cell phone' as follows? WHat do you say ? ( teacher to students) oral dicrection If you find( see?) any unknown words in the text, use your online dictionary in your cell phone.
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    two people one anwer sheet

    What is the natural way to say ' give one answer sheet to two peple'? I mean two people should share one answer sheet to check their answers. ( My suggestion) ( Teacher to students in class) Oral direction I am going to give you answer sheet to two people. I mean two people should share the...