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    Telling Time

    How would you tell time in English when it is 00.00 hours or 12:00? Best Regards, Abhishek
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    Direct/Indirect Speech

    What will be the Indirect speech if the Direct Speech is: Mike said, "I should go to the party". Best Regards, Abhishek
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    Tag Questions

    What will be the tag questions for the following sentences? 1) They have been informed. 2) You have shut the computer down. 3) You help her. 4) They have an apartment. 5) This is her first job. 6) When are you coming? 7) They do know about this. Best Regards, Abhishek
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    Present Perfect Tense

    He hasn’t come to the office today or He didn’t come to the office today? Which one is the correct form? Can the adverb “today” be used with Present Perfect Tense? Best Regards, Abhishek
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    Can we say : “A non-stop train will be passing through the platform no.4. Passangers are requested to keep safe distance.” The train for London will leave the platform no.5 OR The train for London will leave from the platform no.5 ? Please advise? Best regards, Abhishek
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    Where can I get phonetic transcription of all the English names? Could you please name any books or websites? Best regards, Abhishek
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    What would the question be if the reply is: 1) Mr. Brown lives in Manchester. 2) They have a son and a daughter 3) Bryan, Mr. Brown's son is in college. 4) He is studying for a degree in science. 5) Mr. Brown works in a bank. 6) He leaves for work at nine in the morning. 7) He goes to work by...
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    WITH REGARD TO or IN REGARD TO? Both are correct. They mean 'relating to something'. 'The policies of the countries in regard to Asian countries is certainly not biased.' My question to you is: is it in regard to or is it in regards to? Similarly is it with regard to or is it with regards...
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    Whether or not

    Call him up and let me know whether or not he is coming to the party tonight. My question to you is in place of "whether or not" can we use just "whether" ? Does it change the meaning of the original sentence at all? Best regards, Abhishek
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    Is it grammatically correct to say, I went to the part OR I went for the party? Best regards, Abhishek
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    Present Perfect and SimplePast

    Could you please tell me the difference between 1) I bought a car and 2) I have bought a car? Best regards, Abhishek
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    Future tense

    What is the difference between 1) He will meet the manager this Friday and 2) He will be meeting the manager this Friday? Could you please advise? Best regards, Abhishek
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    There you are and There you go........

    Could you please tell me the meanings of the expressions 1) There you are 2) There you go 3) Here you are and 4) Here you go? Best regards, Abhishek:lol:
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    Stress and Intonation

    As we all know, when it comes to English names e.g. Peter Parker, we always stress the last name i.e. Parker. But my question to you is what if the person has a middle name like , William Jefferson Clinton? Should we stress the middle-name as well? I need your expert opinion on this. So...
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    Is it true that Falling-tone intonation takes place only for W-H questions? Please advise?