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    evidence/s uncountable?

    Hi Everyone, Could you help me with this: I have two different groups of marks on an object (scores and chips). The fact that they are placed in the same area of the object itself, "makes fairly probable a relation between the two evidences" (that means that scores and chips may be related...
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    lay x metres into the ...

    Hi Everyone! I need some help with this expression. It is correct to say: "the metal artefacts lay at 1,50 m into the ground on the bank of a paleo-tributary of the Po river" Thank you in advance Buno
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    as of

    Hi Everyone, Could you help me understand the difference between: "this kind of studies has been carried on for long time" and "this kind of studies has been carried on as of long time" I found the form "as of" in the dictionary but I cannot understand in which context I can use it. in fact I...
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    Hi Everyone I am having trouble with this: I need to write that the chart showed different blade widths length which I categorized as follows: "short width or narrow" "Long width or large" ??? Originally i wrote narrow and large, but in some articles I found short and confused me...
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    regard sth as..., as of..., with..., as + ing

    Hi!! I wonder if someone can help me with this: "A number of specific features and distinctive shapes were singled out and were regarded in terms of chronological relevance" or "were regarded as of chronological relevance" or "were regarded as having chronological relevance" To make it...
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    if...., would

    Hi Everyone! I wonder if you can help me with this sentence: "if the author has misconstrued her classification..., this would skewer the entire work..." Is this sentence gramatically correct? I would have written: "if...had misconstrued..., this would have skewed...
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    stay within 5 minutes

    Hello Everyone, I need to remind to the partecipants at the conference that they should stay within the time assigned for their presentations. Is it correct to say "...stay within the 5 minutes assigned"? than you for your help, Buno :shock:
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    Hi Everyone, could you help me with this? If i have to describe the main theories in my field of research, what terms may I use? in stead of saying always: "branches of researches" can i say for instance: "vein of reseach"? Do you have any other suggestion? thank you!
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    using - borrowing words of sb

    Hi All I need to write that "using someone's words/concepts, key factors in the development of X are: this and that." I am struggling with this sentence. Is it correct, I mean is it a proper way to write this sentence. Can I say "Borrowing" for instance? So the problem is that I have to cite...
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    saxon genitive

    Hi All If i have a surname which finishes in "s", lets say Whites, and I need to do the Saxon genitive, How do I have to write: Whites's or Whites'? I think the first is correct, but I am not sure. Thank you! :shock:
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    onward - onwards

    Hello Everyone, Could you, please, explain to me the difference betwen "....x was predominant from a given period onward and x was predominant from a given period onwards" Which one is correct? Are both correct? Thank you in advance for your cooperation! :shock:
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    in the bosom of

    Hi Everyone, writing about theories, is it correct to say that "x grows in the bosom of y"? Is it informal? With appreciation :shock:, me
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    E-mail to my supervisor

    I would like to ask to my supervisor if she has already contacted someone (within the academic researchers/specialists) who cn help me understand wear-traces on the materials I am studying. Is it correct and formal if I say: Have you already tried to concact someone who can help me understand...