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    [Grammar] the useage of 'throw'

    Is this sentence, 'he throw a ball 50-meters' right? If right, what role does '50-meters' play? Another objective, objective complement or something else? Thank you in advance.
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    [Grammar] Please...

    Which is right, do or may? We all know from experience that some of our dreams seem to be related to daily problems, some are vague and incoherent, and some are anxiety dreams that occur when we are worried or depressed. But whatever the source of the images in our sleeping brains may be, we...
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    pain as an intransitive verb

    In some English dictionaries, 'pain' can be used as an intransitive verb. 'I pain.' or 'I am paining' can be used as the meaning of 'I am painful'? And 'It caused me to pain.' can be used as the meaning of 'it caused me pain'? Thank you in advance.
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    [Grammar] about the use of 'not only ~ but also'

    Hello! It is very hard for me as a EFL teacher to use the form "not only ~ but also ~" Protection of biological diversity targets not only the goal of conserving natural resources but also of preserving people's livelihoods. Protection of biological diversity targets the goal not only of...