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    Animal idioms

    A friend of mine had created some animal cartoon images for a software product. He gave them some names that are also idioms... Spank the Monkey, Whack the Weasle, Club the Baby Seal, Slam the Salmon and Choke the Chicken. I told him, he should get out more :roll: I would explain, but that...
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    Animal idioms

    as "Mad as an Ox" :lol: or is that BSE ? Stop pussyfooting around! pussyfooting - avoiding the issue This is like herding cats. herding cats - ROTFL - virtually impossible. see YouTube - cowboys herding cats now that's the cats wiskers/dogs bollocks. aka - most excellent, the best bit...
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    Literally "tied up at work" :?: ... works as an escapologist :lol:
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    Sick as a dog

    In UK, you would most likely hear the phrase "sick as a parrot" This is from the Monty Python 'Dead Parrot' sketch, where the shop keeper insisted the parrot was not actually dead, but just sick. Sick as a parrot is therefore REALLY sick... or 'dead sick' :-D
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    Shake it out

    Wasn't it the black and yellow one that he chose? ;-)
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    The Or Game

    Sunday evening. duck or swan ?
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    ^Ask the next member a funny question^

    Love someone very much - yes, but not sure how mad this is. I'm not sure if my Doctor can vouch for this either.:lol: :crazyeye: Can you proove that you are not insane (mad)? :crazyeye:
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    Wild ride

    It could also be an idiom similar to 'being taken for a ride'. Eg. taken advantage of.
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    Personal letter to a friend

    Dear X Right now I am sitting at a table at my Uncle's house and writing this letter to you. In your last letter, you asked how my pracitical is going, I really can't complain. There are a lot of things to see, but I am not sure if I could do every day the same thing again. :?: I'm not clear...
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    can and can't in American English

    Absolutely right ! In BrE the pronounciation is very different for can and can't. "I /car-nt/ ..." as opposed to the AmE "I /can-t/" ... (sorry I can't write phonetically) There's also the differences between can't, don't and won't.
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    Needful Things

    I hope not ! ..but when I do find the needful, I'll do them !:shock: Yes, this is old English. Modern English has replaced this with 'necessary'
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    Arm and a leg

    very expensive would be more like a 'left kidney' than just an arm and a leg :shock:
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    Fit the bill

    Not the only one that got lost in translation :lol: