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    (un)countability of "girl" and "man"

    Is there any way one could use, whatever the register, the words "girl" and "man" uncountably in a sentence like this? "I could be girl, unless you want to be man." After all, in certain cases, you can use countable nouns without articles (or any other determiner, for that matter). As far as...
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    past perfec continous vs. past simple

    Is this sentence correct? Before you came here, how long had you been working in Spain? I'd say this instead: Before you came here, for how long did work in Spain? Or maybe they're both all right but there's a difference in meaning?
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    do something with that

    In the following question, I'd use "about", but I'm wondering, is "with" also acceptable? I don't think so, but maybe it is in some English varieties (or all of them for that matter). I can't bear the heat in this room. Can you do something with that?
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    simple past + present perfect?

    Is it OK to use simple past with present perfect like this? I didn't hear what you've said. It sounds ungrammatical and unnatural to me. I'd say "I didn't hear what you said." instead.
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    [Grammar] above-metioned vs above mentioned

    Is there any difference (save for the way it's written) between "above mentioned" and "above-mentioned" in the following statement? I think I read somewhere that it may be a formal vs. informal thing, or AmE vs. BrE way of writing it. I would like to broaden my understanding of the...
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    for how long vs. how long ... for

    Is there any difference in meaning between three two questions? Did he say how long he's going to stay? Did he say for how long he's going to stay? Did he say how long he's going to stay for? I know that some people are of the opinion that you shouldn't use a preposition at the end as in the...
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    my body type and ...

    Please, can anybody tell me what she is saying at 0:47? It sounds like "...and how I was...", but I'm not sure. "That because of my body type and [...] I drew too much attention.”
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    (a) part of something

    I've been puzzled about the usage of "part" as uncountable noun. It often seems to me that there is no difference in meaning between its countable and uncountable form. Is there any difference in the following statement pairs? You've become a part of our team. You've become part of our team...
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    present perfect for a past action

    Can I use present perfect for past actions with time adverbial? Is the following sentence saying that I spend the last three years working for XY, but I don't work there anymore? I imagine this saying to a hiring person at a job interview. I (have) worked for XY for the past 3 years. I'd use...
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    on/at/with my computer

    Can all of these sentences mean "I used my computer to do some work last night" without further context. I worked on my computer last night. I worked at my computer last night. I worked with my computer last night.
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    right somebody

    Can the verb "right" be used with "somebody" in the following sentence to mean "correct somebody". I have to right you here because what you just said is not entirely true. It doesn't sound very natural to me.
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    what they shares

    Is it acceptable to use 3rd person form after "they" in contexts like this one? Do you know Jamie? To see what they shares with friends, send them a friend request or message them. I'd use "share", but then again "they" could be substituted with "he or she" and then "shares" would be OK.
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    look for something (for)

    Do I need "for" in front of the time adverbial in the sentence below? I was looking for my pen (for) about five minutes. I think it sounds more natural with "for" but is it acceptable without it?
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    given to me vs given me

    The money was given (to) me. According to my teacher, in the sentence above, you can omit the preposition "to". Without the preposition, the sentence sounds somewhat strange and unnatural to me. How does it sound to you? Do you think you may (have) use(d) such a structure? The money was given...
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    nothing better than to + verb

    Is it all right to use infinitive form in the following structure? I'd use gerund without any hesitations, but I wonder if infinitive form is also possible, albeit much less frequent. There's nothing better than to live near the ocean. Instead of: There's nothing better than living near the...