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    Can't hear it.

    I can't hear what sort of "king" is he, please transcribe it! Thanks! question - YouTube
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    [Grammar] In cyrillic or with cyrillic?

    What I would like to say is: "Write that down using cyrillic characters!" Is it "in cyrillic" or "with cyrillic" or something else?
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    Fifth Element

    There is a line I don't understand: "I didn't come here to play Pumbo on the radio." What does it mean?
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    Please, explain a joke!

    A: Nobody uses the word 'ruly'. B: I know, I'm just feeling gruntled. A: Next thing you know, you'll be plussed.
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    Please, help me make out some lines in a Youtube video!

    Hello! I can't post links but if you search for "Geoffrey Leonard - Proud Pedophile" on Youtube, it should be the first item amongst the results. (A 05:46 long video.) 03:33 It wasn't their own ??? consent there, was it? 03:38 ??? are saying that you too are a raper! 04:16 These books...